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1. Basic research

 (1) Developing new pharmaceutical agents that can overcome mucus hypersecretion
      which is a major problem in respiratory diseases

   1) Mucin gene 8 (MUC8)의 complete cDNA sequencing (Gen Bank:BK005559) - applying for patent
   2) Signaling pathway of cytokine-induced MUC8 gene expression
   3) MUC8 transgenic mice
   4) Signaling pathway of cytokine-induced lysozyme gene expression
   5) Regulation of MUC5AC and MUC5B
   6) Function of Ion transporters in airway epithelial cells
   7) Establishment of culture method of Normal human nasal and middle ear epithelial cells

 (2) Regulating the differentiation of respiratory epithelium
   Proteomic analysis during mucociliary or squamous differentiation

2. Clinical Research
 (1) Using nanotechnology, developing a slow-releasing type of topical antibiotic to be used in patients
     after operation of sinusitis or otitis media instead of oral antibiotics : Collaboration with the Nanosphere
     Process and Technology Laboratory(Professor Jung-Hyun Kim)
 (2) Development of artificial respiratory epithelium